About Us

Joint-stock company «Kantegir»

Joint-Stock Company «Kantegir» was established in 1993 by the group of highly qualified specialists with experience of work at a Science Research Institute in the field of R&D and production of semiconductor inject lasers. Managers and specialists of the company had been graduated from the Science Institutes of the RAN such as A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute and P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute (Physical Institute of the RAN) and had made a research work there.

The main profiles of the company’s activity are R&D and production of the devices on the base of semiconductor lasers and light emitting diodes in visible as well as in infrared range of wavelength. The company develops and produces such devices as laser module with collimated beam in visible and infrared range, laser modules – line generators, laser aimers, laser illuminators with high power of collimated emission. The company carries out all the custom R&D works and devices in the kind of activities pointed above. These devices can be used in industrial equipment of metalworking, woodworking industry, in manufacturing of tires, in aviation instrument making, construction, communication, metrology, medicine, science researches and other fields of human activity.