Laser aimer “Amba”


Laser aimer “Amba” comprises optical electronic system integrated with laser diode, emitted red light, optical lens system and electronic power supply and stability emission power scheme, switch on/off system and adjustment mechanism.

«Amba» «Amba – PM» «Amba – PM» «Amba – PP»
«Amba» «Amba– PM» «Amba – PP»



Mechanical impacts high stability;
Absolute hermetic construction.


Laser aimer “Amba” is a precise optic electronic system which serves for aiming the guns at the target while shooting on arbitrary target in hunting or in sport. The laser beam provides red dot on the target that makes the process of aiming faster and easier thereby it rises the precision of shooting (it is more effective on the direct gunshot). At twilight and at night one can see the dot on the distance at 500 meters. The aimer is mounted to the gun with the help of a special adjustment.