Light emitting diode matrixes


Light emitting diode matrixesMiniature multi wavelength light emitting diode matrix may be packed in a hermetic case TO-5 type or in a case in which the output of electric contacts carries out on printed circuit board (PCB). The optical emission output carries out through the glass transparent cap. The matrixes manufactured nowadays may consist of 8 or 10 light emitting crystals with various wavelength in visible nearby infrared range: 610-1300 nm with individual address. LED chips are mounted on the thermoelectric cooler (TEC) which is build in the case and provides wavelength temperature stabilization. Thermistor is also mounted inside the case for checking up the matrix’s temperature. The external driver keeps the matrix’s setting temperature and appropriates with TEC and thermistor on parameters and characteristics.


  • Multi wavelength emission;
  • Each wavelength emission stability;
  • Miniature case.



  • Spectral analysis of biological objects;
  • Non-invasive analysis in medical researches.


Technical characteristics

Output each LED chip power >1,0 mW
Each LED chip current <70 mA
Maximum wavelength of individual chip emission 630, 670, 710,
740, 810, 880,
950, 1300
TEC operating current for maximum temperature change 1,5 A
TEC voltage at maximum current 0,5 V
Set temperature change range From +5 to +65 °C
Thermistor resistance 3 kOm
Dimensions (PCB variant) 17,5(L)х12,5(W)х6(H) mm


Note: The combination and different number of chips with different wavelength are possible.

Note: Light Emitting Diode Matrixes were elaborated by the order of OrSense LTD.