Line generators


Line generatorsThe lines generator is ideal adjustment for undertaking exact markers work and presents the laser module comprises the optical system integrated in one package with laser diode and driver emission power stability. The module is connected to a power supply with two wires. The laser is cooled by natural heat removal through the module package. Beam getting of module gives in its section link with width from 1 up to 5 mm and length, defined by beam angle Q and distance L (look the picture). There is the power control; it is made for comfort of workers, which allows working under different level of the illumination. The standard angles of divergence and powers are specified in specification. The other parameters can be coordinated at order.



  • Visible wavelength range
  • Output power stability
  • Low sensibility to optical feedback
  • Reverse polarity protected


  • Inspection of object placement, orientation and alignment in woodworking, metallurgical, metalworking, rubber-technical and textile industry
  • Physical measurements
  • Scientific studies

Technical characteristics

Wavelength 635, 650 nm
Output power, max 15 mW
Beam width 1-5 bb
Beam angle 30, 40, 90 grad
Operating mode Continuous
Operating voltage 3-5 V
Operating current, max 140 mA
Dimensions Ø11×40 Ø11×50 mm
Case material Aluminum
l Wavelengths
Pop max Output power
Q Beam angle
Oop max Operating voltage
Iop Operating current
Top max Operating temperature range